Why Logistics Park ?

In this modern age of logistics, businesses are under pressure to reduce logistics costs and improve serviceability. This translates to reduction in truck turnaround time and goods damage, storage of more and more goods in the same space and serving the markets as fast as possible. All these requirements have put tremendous pressure on today´s stand alone warehouses. The modern Logistics Park offers many features to meet today´s warehousing requirements.

Logistics Park offers:

  • Strategic location with good road, rail and air connectivity.
  • Large amount of warehousing space at a place.
  • Space for multiple clients and industries and for future expansion.
  • Ample truck and office parking space.
  • Utilities like weighbridge, commercial complex and diesel generator (DG).
  • Secured place with CCTV, high compound wall, lightning arrester, boom barriers and fire protection systems.
  • Integrated park management taking care of general maintenance, landscaping, security & waste management.