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Infrastructure Specifications

The Orange City Logistics Park offers world class warehousing infrastructure meeting highest level of storage requirements. The warehousing infrastructure in the park boasts of following features:

10.5 m height
of warehouse serves to efficient space utilization by allowing high racking system thereby saving on precious floor space. Usage of modern MHEs can retrieve and put away material from such heights very fast.


The plinth height of 1.2 m conforms to the standard height of trucks and trailers facilitating smooth and fast loading and unloading operations. Sufficient number of dock levelers has been provided for loading and unloading of non standard trucks. The advantage of standard plinth height and dock levelers is that MHE can go into trucks ensuring faster loading/unloading operations.

The flooring casted with vacuum dewatered technology (VDF) is of concrete finish withstanding to load bearing capacity of 4-6 tons/sq m resilient to the high rack storage systems and rough operations of MHE. The flooring is reinforced from top and bottom and has floor panels which are 4m wide connected to each other by dowels at regular intervals.

The installation of 22 turbo ventilators and forced/natural ventilations ensures a minimum of 5 air change suited to most product storage and serves against environmental hazards to the shelf life of the product and materials.

Sky lighting on roof covering 5% of area, and incursion of sun light in day time ensures minimum energy consumption. The translucent skylight ensures absence of direct sun glare. 250 W Metal halide lamps have been used for illuminating the warehouse to 150 lux levels providing ideal working conditions. An emergency lighting system is available and will provide relief for the gap between power shut down and DG back up. The semi arid climate of Nagpur amid grueling summer will be a respite for workers under warehouse due to roof and side insulation of warehouse thereby maintaining pleasant temperature inside. The glass wool insulation along with aluminum foil ensures a substantial temperature difference between outside and warehouse environment.