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Safety & Security

Safety of the park is of paramount importance. As per the NBC (National building code), TAC (Tariff advisory committee) and Nagpur metro regional development authority guidelines, the park complies with all the safety requirements. The safety and security features in the park have been explained below:

Fire Hydrant System
In addition to extinguishers and fire alarm systems at all sensitive points and areas prone to the fire hazards, a fire hydrant system has been installed around the warehouse. A provision for fire water sprinklers has been provided within the warehouse.


24x7 operation of CCTV provides live display of activities of the park in terms of traffic flow and movement of people.

Compound Wall

Enclosed by 2.5m height of boundary/compound wall minimizes unauthorized intrusion in the park.

Boom Barrier

Boom barrier checks the inflow and outflow of people and trucks curtailing unauthorized movements.Lightning arrester will protect the warehouse from thunder and lightning during rainy season