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Common Utilities

computerized weighbridge for weighing trucks and trailers is available within the park. This ensures unnecessary movement of truck to reach far off weigh bridge outside the park will be curtailed.

Spacious area has been provided for parking of trucks and trailers providing them with sufficient space for movement. A dormitory for drivers to rest is provided near truck parking area. Nearness of dormitory to truck parking area would restrict unauthorized movement of drivers.

Commercial Complex
A well equipped commercial complex is coming soon with provisions for courier service, stationery, restaurant, ATM, and Bank, dispensary, medical shop, conference room and guest suites.

A rain water harvesting system will be built soon for usage of rain water and make the Logistics Park green.

Diesel Generator
A Diesel generator (DG) set serves the supply of electricity to the park while on power shut down ensuring 24 X 7 warehousing operations.